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Published on August 31, 2010 By Khardis In Everything Else

Not going into which country or anything, but a country has a statistical life expectancy of 71-75 years, BUT an average age of 17.something years.

The question is, how is it possible to reach such disparate numbers? With an average age that low, how can you get a reasonable assumption that you can live to 71-75 years of age?

I can see that if you have a huge influx of young people, or a baby boom of 17 years and still going strong, but assuming that isn't the case... how?

(Source of numbers: CIA world factbook)


on Aug 31, 2010

its pretty easy with some countries that lose a huge portion of the population through wars, or diseases. Many african countries has really young average age such as Mali where its not people getting older but suddenly dieing. The stats dont take into account deaths "before their time" factors i dont think.

on Aug 31, 2010

In countries where a lot of people die in wars, it would cause this if life expectancy is based on health-related issues. If you have a lot of older people and a lot of kids but a severe drop in people of "fighting" age, you would get this average age with relatively few people actually falling in the average range.